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About DC

At DC Advocaten, we excel in finding the right balance between expertise and accessibility. Our lawyers are absolute experts in their field. But we also consider it important not to make the legal profession more complicated than it already is. That's why DC Advocaten opts for a fresh way of working and smooth, transparent communication.

This way, you will always know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how your case is progressing.

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This is DC

A fresh, personal approach

At DC Advocaten, you are not just a number. We take the time to listen to your story so that we know exactly how to help you. Moreover, we communicate clearly, transparently, and to the point, ensuring that you are always fully informed. Only by doing so can we together make a difference for your case.

Efficient service

Our compact and flexible team can switch gears quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, we employ the latest digital tools to keep track of your case smoothly, and thanks to our extensive expertise, we always start with a solid advantage. This way, you save valuable time, and you can be sure that your case is based on proven knowledge and methods.

International collaboration

DC Advocaten has an extensive network of professional partners all over the world. Through us, you can also rely on support from the best offices and experts abroad. And of course, this collaboration works in both directions, as DC Advocaten regularly represents foreign companies in Belgium.

Cutting-edge legal practice

Partners Jeroen, Tinneke, and Pim regularly share their knowledge with others through presentations, teaching assignments, seminars, and publications in collaboration with a range of professional training partners.

Discover the passionate individuals behind DC Advocaten, ready to assist you with their expertise and dedication. Get to know our team and experience the personal approach that makes a difference in your legal needs.

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